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Wildlife of New Zealand

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Tui (Prosthemadera novazeelandiae, Meliphagidae: Honeyeaters) North Island, New Zealand

What is there to say about the Tui, unique, manic and characterful come to mind. One of two honeyeaters unique to New Zealand, this bird has coped relatively well with the arrival of people to its land. Its two white 'pompoms' under its throat give it its totally unique appearance, as does its iridescence. Its calls are bewildering arrangements of clicks and whistles and sometimes it will mimic other birds. Sometimes I think some birds make calls at such a high frequency that we cannot hear all of it, as in the bird at about 1:50.. Filmed in the central North Island, where this wonderful bird is still common, both in forests and in suburbia, I hope this film catches something of the essence of the Tui. also see:



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