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Wildlife of New Zealand

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Sounds of Whirinaki, an audio journey into the heart of the North Island of New Zealand

New Zealand, being so isolated does not have a rich forest bird fauna, in addition it has lost species due to human settlement in the last 1000 years of so. The wonderful forests of NZ often seem to be quiet in terms of bird song. It is therefore a special treat to visit a place on the 'mainland' that is still rich with the unique 'other-worldly' sound of native NZ bird calls. Such a place is Whirinaki Forest in the centre of the North Island. This stately podocarp forest with an under-story of tree-ferns is rich with birds, even if they are hard to see at times. The bird call here is dominated by two of New Zealand's best songsters - the Tui and Kaka, also present are Whiteheads and Grey Warbler A Sacred Kingfisher calls at one point - a bird also found in Australia.



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