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Wildlife of New Zealand

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Takahe (Porphyrio hochstetteri, Rallidae: Crakes, Rails and Swamphens) island sanctuaries off New Zealnd

The South Island Takahe is a giant flightless relation of the Purple Swamphen (known as Pukeko in NZ) - see and It is three time the weight of its widespread flying relative. It was thought to be extinct by the late 1890's but a small population was rediscovered in remote mountains in far south of NZ in 1948, where it still remains under close protection. 'Insurance' populations have been established on a number of islands made free of introduced predators, and some of these are not hard to go and see. Birds filmed here were on Kapati and Tirttiri Matangi Islands off the North Island of NZ. A bird with an amazing 'pre-historic' appearance, As of Oct 2017 there are just under 350 of these birds in existence.

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