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Wildlife of New Zealand

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Hihi (Stitchbird) (Notiomystidae: Hihi) North Island, New Zealand

The Hihi (Stitchbird) is the sole member of an ancient Gondwanan bird family unique to New Zealand with no close relations; the Notiomystidae. The Hihi cannot cope with the presence of mammalian predators (rats, stoats etc.) in its environment and natural populations of this bird are now found only on one island - Hauturu / Little Barrier Island. The birds here were filmed on the nearby Tiritiri Matangi Island to which they have been reintroduced. They survive there with help, such as provision of nesting boxes and supplementary feeding (as seen here) - in enclosures that exclude the larger more aggressive nectar feeders especially Tuis see
Male and female birds are different, and the unique explosive call - here given by the male (go to 0:42) can also be heard. Also the call of sacred Kingfishers can be heard early on.

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