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Wildlife of New Zealand

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Forest birds of New Zealand - A journey in New Zealand, discovering some of its unique birds (part 1)

The number of native bird species found in the forests of New Zealand is not large. Before the arrival of people there were of course many more. However, almost the species that remain are found nowhere else. Some of these birds clearly have close relatives in Australia and the southwest Pacific, such as the honeyeaters, robins, fantail, pigeon and parrots. However, others belong to bird families that are found nowhere else, like the kiwis, NZ parrots, NZ wattlebirds, NZ wrens, stitchbird and creepers. In this film I have collected together material I have taken over recent years. New Zealand forests are not easy places in which to film birds, the trees are often large and the foliage is usually dense and you have to 'work' for the birds. Forests there have a reputation of lacking bird sound, however this is not always the case, especially on sanctuary islands and in many mainland locations where the progress is being made by the authorities and the community to reduce the impact of the many threats these unique animals face. When present, the sound of NZ native bird species is unique and 'other worldly'.

Filmed mostly on the North Island, especially in the centre of the island around Rotorua,Taupo and Wakaremoana, also Kapiti and Tiri tiri Matangi islands. On the South Island footage used was from between Blenheim, St Arnaud and Westport. In addition, some birds, living in a wild state, were filmed at Zeelandia sanctuary (kiwi and some Saddleback) and at Mt Bruce National Wildlife Centre (Rifleman).

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