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Wildlife of New Zealand

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Kea (Nestor notabilis, Strigopoidea: New Zealand Parrots) Fiordland, New Zealand

New Zealand's charismatic and rare Alpine parrot, found in the mountains of the South Island. It can be seen flying around the alpine forests and high passes of the region and its call travels far. Some birds are attracted to places of human activity in their range in search of food and out of general curiosity. The birds here were attracted to parked and stationary cars at the Homer tunnel entrance, which at busy times is controlled by traffic lights. There are well known destroyers of windscreen wiper blades etc. etc. Seeing them like this at such locations gives many a false impression as to how many there are. Only a few thousand are known to exist across their range, and they are not doing well. In the area where these birds were filmed they overlap with the related Kaka - North Island birds can be see at: and



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